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Inspection Services For Aluminum Materials

We offer professional third-party quality inspection services and provide expert inspection reports. Please contact us to obtain your inspection report.In addition, we can provide a clear video/photo of the goods for you to ensure that the products you receive meet your requirements and standards.
What inspection services do we provide?
Physical Testing
1. Physical properties: wear resistance testing, accelerated weathering (light resistance) testing, UV resistance testing, salt spray corrosion resistance testing, acetic acid corrosion resistance testing, solvent resistance testing, cement mortar resistance testing, thermal expansion coefficient testing of insulation strips, DSC testing of insulation strips, machinability testing, conductivity testing, KIC value testing, etc.
2. Mechanical properties: tensile strength, yield strength, bending resistance, elongation at break, elongation test, cupping test, hardness testing, expansion test, flattening test, shear strength testing, residual stress detection, welding stress detection, damping properties, static mechanical properties, etc.

Chemical Testing
1. Chemical Composition: detection of harmful substances, analysis of metal and non-metal materials.
2. Chemical Properties: Alkali resistance, acid resistance, grade identification, intergranular corrosion test, mortar corrosion test, solvent corrosion test, etc.
Other Testing
1. Non-destructive TestingIndustrial CT testing, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, eddy current non-destructive testing, magnetic particle non-destructive testing, penetrant non-destructive testing, magnetic particle testing, etc.

2. Metallographic Testing: Average grain size testing, SEM scanning electron microscopy testing, TEM transmission electron microscopy testing, microscopic strain, etc.
3. Failure Analysis: Fracture cause analysis, window and door mortar corrosion analysis, window and door detergent corrosion analysis, metal fracture cause analysis, film layer peeling cause analysis, container perforation cause analysis, component failure analysis, stress corrosion, etc.
4. Other Testing: Porosity, appearance quality and size testing, conductivity testing, heat transfer coefficient testing, accelerated aging testing, environmental adaptability testing, reliability testing, torque testing, fatigue strength testing, X-ray diffraction testing, etc.

Tensile Strength Testing
Hardness Testing
Thickness Testing
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